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Men Challenging Men. Gentlemen in 7th-12th g grade will begin meeting for weekly discipleship on Mondays, starting September 11th. For meeting location and more information contact Simon at or at the church office at 972-292-1953.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 10:45


Do not let this time pass you by. In 6 short years a person changes from being a child to an adult. For most, that is. In those 6 short years friendships are made and lost, victories are achieved and failures are felt. In 6 short years, for some, their futures are set and for others they will continue to seek out their passions, desires, wants and more. One of the most important things we can do during these 6 short years is build our personal foundation on God. Things in life will come and go but the everlasting God will remain forever beside us, with us througout our lives. Begin building that life with Him today. Ladies in 7th - 12th grade will begin meeting for weekly discipleship on Thursdays, starting September 7th. For meeting location and more information contact Simon at or at the church office at 972-292-1953.
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 10:31


School's starting back and so is our Wednesday Nights for our middle and high schoolers. Starting August 16, at 7pm, Simon will be starting a new serices title Schooled.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 12:00

School Supplies

Each year, CrossRidge Church collects school supplies and uses a Dollar Day offering to buy additional school supplies and takes those items and take them to LEISD so they can distribute them as needed. This year, LEISD has sent us a specific list of items each child needs.

All donations need to be dropped off at the church by July 28th. We have 3 different lists from the school
  • Items you can purchase in bulk
  • Items for children in Elementary: K -5th grades
  • Items for children in Secondary: 6th – 12th grades

School Supplies List
School Supply List

You can buy just 1 item from the lists above or you can buy a complete backpack. Any donation will help.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 11:41

Move Up

Kids will be moving up on August 13th! Moving up into their new class that is. Every year, right before school starts all children move into their new classrooms. For example, if you have a child who is starting 5th grade in the fall, he or she will go to the 5th grade Sunday class starting August 13th.

If you have any questions please ask one of our check-in specialists for more information.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 10:58

Sneak Peek

New 7th graders get a chance to get a sneak peek into the student minsitry on August 9th.

We know entering into a new group can sometimes be awkward and scary so we offer a night out just for students entering 7th grade.. On August 9th, they get a night where they get to hang out with some of the adult student leaders as well as several of our student leaders. This gives them time to get to know each other before they move up into their new Sunday morning classes and the student Wednesday Night services.

  • What will be doing? Whirlyball (Think bumper cars, LaCrosse and Basketball)
  • Where will we eat? Eating Pizza at Cici's
  • How much? $20 covers cost of Whirlyball and pizza

RSVP by August 7th

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Thursday, 13 April 2017 12:50


LEISD Baccalaureate Service May 7th at 5:00 pm.

We will be hosting the Baccalaureate Service for the 2017 graduating class of Little Elm ISD on May 7th. The service starts at 5:00pm with a reception to follow at 6:00pm.

Sunday, 09 April 2017 09:11

Super Summer

Super Summer

June 12th-16th

What Super Summer Is

Super Summer exists to inspire and equip students as Kingdom-minded leaders. Super Summer focuses on 5 core values; spiritual growth, Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service/Ministry.

Super Summer Oklahoma began in 1986 as a training opportunity for youth ministers to bring Christian young people who were interested in advancing their personal spiritual growth. Super Summer has over 3000 participants and promises to continue growth as the need for student leaders intensifies.

Super Summer Oklahoma is an independent camp operated by a board of directors made up of youth ministers, pastors, and laymen. Super Summer Oklahoma takes place at Oklahoma Baptist University the first three full weeks of June each year.

God continues to prompt Super Summer Oklahoma to provide a cutting edge vision and resource to churches and youth pastors that will effectively explode this generation of Christian teens into a world that desperately needs hope and salvation.

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Thursday, 09 March 2017 11:09

M3 Camp

We're heading back to Glorieta, New Mexico, and the SBTC's M3 Student camp this summer. Last year, we had a blast in the mountains hearing God's Word, worshipping, competing in the mud pit, hicking, and whole lot more. This year will be even better and we are looking forward to all God has in store for us. If you have any questions about camp please contact Simon Collard at or at 972-292-1953.

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  • $295 per camper
  • July 25-29


  • Glorieta, New Mexico


  • Nathan Lino


  • Chad Poe


  • Logan Walter Band

Breakout Sessions

  • Is God Real?
  • How to Pray
  • Understanding the Bible
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Missions
  • Student Ministry for Adults


  • Blob
  • High Ropes Course
  • Zip Line
  • Waterslides
  • Arrow Tag
  • Paddleboats
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Mini Golf
  • Hiking
  • Archery
  • Paintball
  • 5K Glow Run (Glow sticks provided)
  • (activities subject to change)


Afternoons will have optional sports tournaments during free time. Students can create their own teams - sign up at breakfast each morning. Tournament brackets will be posted each morning at the announced location.
  • Co-Ed Volleyball
  • Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee
  • Co-Ed Dodgeball
  • Jr High Girls' Basketball
  • Jr High Boys' Basketball
  • High School Girls' Basketball
  • High School Boys' Basketball
  • (tournaments subject to change)
*** There is also time for students to have free time to participate in all of the fun campground activities.


We try to cater to all students, athletic and non-athletic. We have a time of crazy rec, which is divided by church/color groups and includes relays. These games will include water games and some messy activities. We have included "clothes that can get messy" on the packing list.
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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 10:40


D-Now Event: February 17-19, 2017

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What is a D-Now Weekend?

“D-Now” stands for Disciple Now. So, a D-Now Weekend is a Disciple Now Weekend. In its simplest form, a Disciple Now Weekend is a weekend retreat for a youth group. Whereas some retreat weekends are more about getting away (which is NOT a bad thing), D-Now Weekends put a high premium on discipleship in and around our church. There are Large Group sessions where a speaker can move the weekend’s theme along from a big-picture perspective. And there are super-intentional Small Group times where students go deeper with their individual small group leaders. It’s a focused time of spiritual growth and application


“Host Homes” are a key feature of D-Now Weekends. A host home is where a family in the church agrees to host a Small Group for the weekend. They’ll usually spend a Friday and Saturday night there and will eat a few meals with the host home family.

We are really looking forward to this great weekend. It will, without a doubt, be one of the most incredible weekends of their life. Here is the information you and your student need in order to participate in this weekend.

Schedule: Friday, February 17, we will be getting things started at 7:00pm in the Student Room at CrossRidge Church. The weekend will end after Sunday School on February 19 at 12:00pm. The students are required to be with us from start to finish. If they have a minor schedule conflict, fill out a Time Away Card and turn it in upon arrival.

Time Away Card: If your student already has something scheduled during the retreat times, complete the Time Away Card. It will need to be signed by the student, a parent, and me, and taken to the host family at the beginning of the weekend. Extra copies will be provided on Friday night if necessary. Please consider letting your student come, even if they have a minor conflict with the schedule. We will work with you so they can come as much of the time as possible.

What to bring:

  • Bedding (sleeping bag, bed roll, pillow, etc.)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, medicine, and "other stuff")
  • Towel and washcloth
  • BIBLE and writing utensil (pencil or pen)
  • Comfortable and casual clothes for the whole weekend
  • Clothes for recreation!!
  • Any extra snacks you might want
  • Rules Sheet, Health Form, and Time Away Card (if necessary)
  • You may have your cell phone, but it is to be used ONLY to call parents!!

Payment: The cost for the entire weekend is $60.00. This includes all meals, a T-shirt, materials, and any other activities we will do. All forms and money are due no later than Sunday February 11, but preferably earlier if at all possible!

D-Now Weekend is going to be one of the greatest weekends of your student’s life, so begin praying and preparing for it NOW! If you have any questions concerning any area of the weekend, please feel free to contact Simon at 972.292.1953 or!

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Detail Schedule

  • Friday, February 17th
  • 7:00pm- Registration and check in at the Student Building
  • 7:15pm- Rally Time
  • 7:30pm- Large Group Session 1 (The Collective)
  • 8:30pm- Instruction Time
  • 8:45pm- Travel to Night Activity
  • 11:00pm- Travel to Host home
  • 11:30pm- Small Group 1 (host home)
  • 12:00pm- Get Ready for Bed
  • 12:30pm- Lights out
Saturday, February 18th
  • 8:00am- Breakfast
  • 9:00am- Quiet Time (Host Home)
  • 9:30am- Travel to CRC
  • 10:00am- Large Group session 2 (The Collective)
  • 11:00am- Small Group 2 @ CRC
  • 11:45am- Lunch
  • 1:00pm- Afternoon Activity (Scavenger Hunt 1-3) - (3:30-4:30 rec at CRC)
  • 5:00pm- Travel to Host home (get cleaned up)
  • 6:30pm- Dinner @ CRC
  • 7:30pm- Large Group Session 3 (The Collective)
  • 8:30pm- Small Group 3 (host home)
  • 9:15pm- Night Activity
  • Midnight- Lights out
Sunday, February 19th
  • 8:00am- Breakfast @ CRC
  • 9:00am- Church
  • 10:30am- Weekend Reflection (The Collective)
  • Noon- Go home


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